Templates are at the core of Yesware — they let you create personal, customized messages for every stage of your sales process. At their most basic, templates are messages that you’ve saved to your Yesware account that you can use for future emails. They allow you to send rich, personalized emails to prospects in a fraction of the time it would take to draft that message each time you needed it. At their most effective, Templates are another important way you can use Yesware to build stronger business relationships faster. That’s the Yesware difference.

On the Premium and Enterprise plans of Yesware, templates can be shared across entire teams – giving all team members the ability to view and use the most successful templates across their team. We’ve also built reporting around templates, helping you see which templates are most effective. Our brand new Templates Report also provides visibility into what templates your teammates are using, and which templates, and sales reps, are most successful.

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Creating and Editing Templates

Templates can be created and edited from three different places:

  1. From the Templates button at the top of your inbox
  2. Via the App Site, accessed via the Yesware menu > My Account.
  3. Right from your compose window, if you’re using Gmail.

To create a new template, click the “New Template” button in the top right corner or the Template modal or the App Site. To edit an existing template, find your template on the left-hand panel  and click the “edit” button. Note: any changes made through the Yesware App will require that you refresh Gmail to see the updates in the Gmail extension.

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The Magic of Placeholders

No matter how great your template is, you’ll always want to gear it so that it’s unique to each one of your prospects. You might want to add in their name, a note about what you most recently spoke about, or set any numbers and figures to be specific to your prospect. When drafting your templates, put anything that should be fine-tuned before sending your email into placeholders and Yesware will make it easy to update. Anything that you’ve placed in brackets will be highlighted in red when that template is inserted into your email. These red-highlighted sections will be replaceable with a single click, matching the formatting around it.

We offer two different types of placeholders, Text Fields and Dropdown Fields, that can be used in templates. The Text Field act as blank free-form text entry fields. The Dropdown Field act as a pick list and when using the template, you will be able to choose from any of the options that you defined when creating the template.

1. Text Field

– In the template editor, click on the “+Test Field” button. Name the text field and click “OK”.

– If you use multiple Text Fields in a single template and name them the same thing (for instance, two text fields both called “Name”), filling in one of those Text Fields will fill in both.

2. Dropdown Field

– In the template editor, click on the “+Dropdown Field” button.

– Name the dropdown field and create up to 5 options.

If you are on our Enterprise plan, you can use dynamic templates to pull in information from the recipient’s record in Salesforce.  When entering a new template in the Gmail compose window, we will look at the first recipient in the To field. If a matching contact or lead is found, we will populate the dynamic fields in your template with information from any matching Salesforce fields such as their name, company details, job title, etc.

Recently Used & Favorite Templates 

Our template interface includes features to make emails faster and more effective.

The ‘Recently Used’ and ‘My Favorites’ tabs give you the option to view your most recently used templates and save your favorites in a single, easy to access place. You can favorite a template by clicking on the heart button on the far-right side of each template in the Template Menu.

Team Template Sharing

Yesware helps teams of salespeople by making it simple to streamline their email communications. In addition to creating a team in Yesware and gaining insight into team activities, our Premier, and Enterprise plans include a centralized team template library. The team template library is a place where members of a sales team can collaborate on and share their most effective templates.

As a team leader, head to the Team tab inside the Yesware app (Yesware menu > My Account > Team). On the left-hand side, there is a “Team Templates” section. Each team template category is listed under “Add/Edit Templates” – like the personal template library, you can add and edit templates in the Team Library.

When you click the “Review Templates” link, you’ll see a list of recently edited or created templates gathered from each of your team members. While reviewing these templates, you’re likely to find one that the rest of the team would benefit from having. Click the orange “copy to team library” button to add that template to the team library.

Templates Report 

Sales is a team sport, and where one person succeeds – everyone succeeds. That’s why we think you’ll love the all-new Templates Report. The report breaks down template usage by individual user, so sales leaders can guide their team strategy and individual team members can see how their colleagues work – and how their own performance stacks up. Drill-down either BY USER or BY TEMPLATE for the deepest level of insight into template performance across your team. What’s best, at the top of the Templates Report, you’ll soon be able to see exactly how your template usage compares to your teammates, so everyone can improve together.

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Have a question that wasn’t covered in any of the above? Feel free to view our FAQ and submit a question through our Help Center. We’re here to help and we’d love to hear from you!