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February Product Newsletter 2020

February Product Newsletter 2020
Jen Sullivan
Jen Sullivan

Jen Sullivan

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Product Updates 


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    The all-new Link Click Engagement Report tells you which of your links are getting the most recipient engagement. This vital addition to Yesware Reporting also allows you to view which recipients are engaging with your links and how many times they’ve clicked each one so you can better customize your follow-up.

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    Report Downloading

    Also new to Reports is the ability to download your Email Activity Report, Templates Report, Recipient Engagement Report, and Link Click Engagement Report.

    This functionality will give team members and team leaders the ability to quickly share and analyze their team’s performance metrics, providing a deeper understanding of where the team is succeeding and what areas need more attention.


    Add Recipients to Campaigns from an Email

    In the new Yesware menu within each email, you’ll now see a brand new Campaigns icon. Click this icon to quickly add recipients to your best-performing Campaigns so you don’t forget to follow up. Just another way Yesware works where you work – right from your inbox.


    Coming Soon: Spam Risk Flagging

    We want all of your emails to land in your recipients’ inbox. But with over 100 billion consumer emails being sent every day, spam filters are getting harder and harder to avoid.

    That’s why we’ve developed a spam flagging feature that will notify you immediately when the content of your email is at risk for getting flagged as spam. This new feature provides a safeguard for all users and ensures your content is getting seen.


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