Introducing Native Send in Outlook!

Introducing Native Send in Outlook!
Jen Sullivan
Jen Sullivan

Jen Sullivan

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    In 2017, we approached Microsoft to tell them we needed to support a better selling experience for our Outlook users – one that felt seamless and fast. We knew that ‘Send with Yesware’ wasn’t cutting it for you, and that we needed Microsoft to collaborate with us to build a better email tracking solution.


    Today, we are thrilled to announce that users can now use Outlook’s native send button to send tracked emails. Just open the Yesware sidebar* in your compose window and hit send. That’s it! One small step for man, one giant leap for Yesware users on O365.

    *Note: The Yesware sidebar needs to be open to send tracked emails. To keep Yesware open at all times, select the pin icon in the upper righthand corner of the Yesware sidebar. 

    What this means for you

    Selling effectively requires a streamlined workflow, so the ability to send emails with Outlook’s native send button is a game changer. 

    “Yesware believes in the immense selling potential of our Office 365 users. We are proud to partner with Microsoft to provide salespeople with the tools needed to close more deals as efficiently as possible,” says Inessa Lurye, VP of Product at Yesware. 

    Native Send is the latest in a line of recent improvements to Yesware for Outlook. New features like a dynamic Meeting Scheduling tool, a suite of data insights and performance dashboards, and calls as part of a Campaign cadence enable Office 365 users to sell as effectively as possible, while saving hours per week. 

    Timeline of Release

    Do you qualify for native tracking? 

    I use Outlook Web Access (OWA): Yes, native tracking is rolling out to you now!

    I use Outlook on Windows Desktop: Native tracking is rolling out to you now if, like most users, you are on the Current Channel for Microsoft updates.

    If you are on the Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel for Microsoft updates, you will be able to use native tracking in January 2021. In the meantime, try using native tracking on OWA, ask your IT team to use the Current Channel for Microsoft updates instead, or reach out to and ask for Direct Install

    Not sure which Microsoft update channel you’re on? Go to Outlook > File > Office Account > About Outlook. 

    I use Outlook on Mac Desktop: Native tracking is not available for you yet, and the release date is TBD. In the meantime, try using native tracking on OWA, or reach out to and ask for Direct Install. 

    How to turn ‘off’ tracking

    Most users will want to have their email settings defaulted to tracking every email with Yesware. However, for the times that you do not want your email tracked, you can decline tracking in your email settings before sending your email.

    If you have any questions, please head to our Help Center or contact us directly at

    Enjoy and let us know what you think @Yesware.

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    Introducing Native Send in Outlook!
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