We have updates for Gmail users on Pro, Team, & Enterprise packages, Touchpoints, and O365 add-in users.

Gmail Users: How to Strip Formatting from Templates in Two Seconds

We’ve all been there: You’re copying and pasting an awesome new email template from an outside source (Microsoft Word, Email or Google Doc) and the formatting is off.


Well, we’ve released a great new feature that will fix the issue. All you have to do is:

  1. Highlight the unformatted text
  2. Press this button:
    screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-10-51-12-amHere’s what it looks like in action:
    remove-format2After this, you can easily add new formatting using the template editor:
    screen-shot-2017-02-14-at-11-46-44-amThis makes adding new templates to your library faster and easier.

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Insert Multiple Templates Into Touchpoints Campaigns

Writing the perfect email can require mixing and matching different templates, so we added multiple template insertion to Touchpoints campaigns.

A few things to note:

  1. Each insertion goes wherever the cursor is placed
  2. The Subject comes from the first Template chosen (subsequent templates don’t change the Subject)

Here’s how it works in real-time:


Quick and easy.

Sidebar Pinning for O365 Add-In

O365 Add-In users: We’ve made it easier to stay in tune with Email Tracking, your Templates library, and the Salesforce Sync.

Now, you can pin the sidebar to your inbox for easy access.

Do it in one simple click:


Boom. Pinned.

What It All Means

You save time and make the most out of your inbox. Which, in turn, gives you more moments to concentrate on the big stuff.


That’s all for now! Stay tuned for more updates next month.