Gmail Enterprise Users: This month is all about Touchpoints.

We have two new features that will help you keep tabs on prospects: 1. the ability to move prospects to different campaigns and 2. icons that show recipient interactions.

In case you missed it, we’ll also recap Touchpoints out-of-office detection and nurture campaigns from last month’s update.

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Two Touchpoints Updates To Keep Better Tabs on Prospects

1. Move Prospects to A Different Campaign in Seconds

Until now, moving a prospect to a different campaign meant pausing the current campaign and uploading the prospect to a new one via .CSV file.

The update: Now you can simply check off the name(s) within a campaign and click ‘Move To’ instead. Then, select the new destination and click ‘Move Prospects’:

2. New Icons Quickly Show Your Touches and Their Engagement

You’ll notice a new column in the prospects tab that breaks down all of your interactions with icons:

It helps you keep fast tabs on prospects, showing each call connect you’ve made, as well as email clicks, opens, and replies from recipients, and any automatic out of office message replies you’ve received.  

Here is a quick key of the icons for reference:

In Case You Missed It: Two More Touchpoints Updates From August

Summer is a busy time, so we thought we’d recap two great Touchpoints features that we released in August in case you were on vacation when they were released.

1. Out-of-Office Detection

One of the most-requested features we heard from Touchpoints users was out-of-office detection, so autoresponders didn’t automatically bump prospects out of campaigns.

It’s here.

Touchpoints now automatically detects out of office replies and keeps your prospects on Connect campaigns (where a goal is the reply — see update 2 below).

Here’s what happens: you get an OOO alert in your To Do list, including the option to reschedule the touch. A card will show up in the To Do list allowing users to reschedule the touch based off of the date in the out of office message:

2. Introducing: Nurture Campaigns

When we first released Touchpoints last year, we treated all campaigns as though the goal was to connect.

But, that’s not always the case. So we build out a new type of campaign to recognize this other scenario.

Enter, Nurture campaigns.

Unlike Connect Campaigns, Nurture Campaigns keep recipients on the campaign even if there’s a reply or a connect through a channel outside of email.

Pro Tip: Use this type of campaign for onboarding emails, training, and renewal nurturing.

Note: By default, all new campaigns are set as Connect Campaigns. To change the setting or set up a new Nurture Campaign, simply click “Nurture Campaign”:

What’s Next

Stay tuned next month. We have more updates coming up that you’re going to enjoy.