22 Best Sales Prospecting Tools for 2024

22 Best Sales Prospecting Tools for 2024

In the world of inside sales, time management only gets you back so many minutes. It’s sales prospecting tools that save you the real meat of your day.

The best sales prospecting tools introduce automation, which grants back the time that human behavior can’t. SaaS products find prospects faster, remove manual follow-up tasks for sales reps, and include CRM integration.

And they’re extremely effective. Reducing non-selling activities like data entry and other manual tasks can increase revenue by 42.85%.

Here are the sales prospecting tools top-performing reps identify as a cut above the rest.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

chart-barAll-in-one prospecting toolSource leads, send automated campaigns, track engagement, and more

What Is a Sales Prospecting Tool?What is a sales prospecting tool?

A sales prospecting tool is software used to streamline, enhance, and automate the sales prospecting process.

Sales prospecting tools cover five key tasks:

  • Finding leads and their contact information
  • Researching and qualifying prospects
  • Crafting personalized messages
  • Scheduling meetings with prospects
  • Analyzing engagement 

Some sales tools cover a specific task, and some cover multiple. We’ll look at both types of tools below.

It’s safe to say that all five of the tasks above are imperative to the overall sales process, and completing all of these tasks manually can be extremely time-consuming.

That’s where sales prospecting tools come into play.

The Benefits of Sales Prospecting Tools

The benefits of sales prospecting tools are immense, but here are some of the top ways the tools are benefiting sales teams today. 

the benefits of sales prospecting tools

Enhance Sales Productivity

Sales prospecting tools add automation to the sales prospecting process, which can get complex and overwhelming without the right tools in place.

Sales prospecting tools do the heavy lifting of discovery, qualification, and outreach. This allows sales reps to spend their time on the many other moving pieces of the sales process. Most importantly, building meaningful relationships and closing deals.

Sales prospecting software undoubtedly helps increase overall rep productivity and improve the efficiency of the sales process.

Improve Quality of Data

Many sales prospecting tools help improve the quality of both prospect and outreach data so that reps can get in contact with the right decision-makers at the right time with the right messaging.

Research shows that 67% of lost sales fall through because they were not properly qualified early enough in the sales process. This is a clear indication that many sales reps are spending too much time and energy pulling poor-fit leads through the funnel.

And most sales reps know this. Reports show that generating high-quality leads as well as a high volume of leads are the two biggest challenges in the lead generation process. 

what are the biggest lead generating challenges?

Sales prospecting tools help with this problem by providing you with the tools you need to find and qualify the right leads.

Increase Leads in Pipeline

There’s no question that sales prospecting software helps sales reps connect with more buyers, which inevitability means a fuller pipeline.

Not only do sales prospecting tools help bring in well-qualified leads, but the automation piece allows reps to connect with more of these leads in less time. 

Sales Prospecting Tools to Find Email Addresses

sales prospecting tools: finding email addresses


Yesware’s Prospector integrates into your Gmail or Outlook inbox and gives you access to a dataset of 100+ million B2B contacts. You can find your desired contacts by using the advanced search filters, which include one or multiple of the following: name, job title, seniority, location, company name, company size, industry, and company website.

Prospector will generate a list of leads for you with verified work phone numbers, email addresses, and LinkedIn profiles. You can add these leads as Contacts that live in your inbox, where you can easily add them to campaigns and reach out via email or phone. 

sales prospecting tools: Yesware Prospector


Hunter helps users find email addresses for accounts by entering their name, company name, or website domain. The tool is used as a browser extension and allows you to upload lists of companies or websites to the software for quick lead generation. You can also now send messages to these leads through Hunter with their Campaigns feature. 

sales prospecting tools: Hunter

Voila Norbert

Voila Nobert is an email finder that focuses solely on finding email addresses and verifying contact information. The tool is popular amongst not only salespeople but also recruiting professionals, content marketers, and PR professionals. Voila Nobert offers a Chrome extension as well as a more simplified browser version.

sales prospecting tools: Voila Norbert

Anymail Finder

Anymail Finder allows you to find email addresses by entering a person’s name and their company name. The tool has a browser version as well as a LinkedIn Chrome Extension, which allows you to get email addresses from any LinkedIn page. 

sales prospecting tools: Anymail Finder


ZoomInfo is a go-to-market software that helps sales and marketing professionals identify and connect with leads. The tool helps align sales and marketing teams through one unified platform with the goal of simplifying tech stacks for companies. 

sales prospecting tools: Zoominfo


Cognism is a lead generation platform that provides its users with mobile phone numbers and emails of prospective customers. This tool provides contact data for both the US and Europe. Cognism is accessible via their web app and browser extension. 

sales prospecting tools: Cognism

Sales Prospecting Tools to Research & Qualify Prospects

sales prospecting tools: researching and qualifying your prospect

Crystal Knows

Crystal Knows is an AI-powered sales prospecting tool that provides accurate personality data so you can sell to prospects in a more personalized way. The tool integrates with Gmail, Outlook, Hubspot, and Salesforce. Aside from prospects, you can also use the tool to get personality insights for coworkers and customers. 

sales prospecting tools: Crystal Knows

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the most popular social media prospecting tools on the market. The tool helps you qualify professionals with the help of its advanced filtering options and detailed lead recommendations. LinkedIn Sales Navigator integrates with CRMs to help provide a foundation of data. 

sales prospecting tools: LinkedIn Sales Navigator


Dripify automates prospect research and outreach on LinkedIn. The tool automatically sends connection requests and customized campaigns through LinkedIn to your ideal leads. The tool tracks results and conversion rates so you know what’s working. 

sales prospecting tools: Dripify

Owler Max

Owler Max allows sales professionals to stay on top of the latest news about their prospect’s companies and the overall industry. You can set up real-time alerts about company news, press releases, funding, etc., so you’re always in the know. The tool also allows you to find new prospective companies similar to your top customers by searching their names in the database. 

sales prospecting tools: Owler Max


Datanyze allows sales professionals to acquire information about their prospects to improve their qualifications. This sales prospecting tool offers a Chrome Extension that allows you to access company data while you’re searching the web. 

Datanyze also has a unique feature that gives you “icebreakers” that are personalized to specific prospects based on online data. This helps sales professionals improve their conversations with prospects. 

sales prospecting tools: Datanyze

Tip: Looking for tech stack recommendations for the entire sales process? We break down every step of the sales process and the tools that the best companies are using for each below.

The Optimal Technology Stack for B2B Sales TeamsUsing data from the most successful business-scaling models, we designed a blueprint for the exact technology your business needs at each phase of growth.

Sales Prospecting Tools to Craft a Perfect Message

sales prospecting tools: crafting the perfect message


Grammarly is an AI tool that integrates into your everyday workflow to improve your writing. The tool provides suggestions as you write in your desktop applications and sites across the web. Grammarly also generates custom text for you that matches your tone, which can help create more prospecting emails in less time.

sales prospecting tools: Grammarly

Yesware Templates

Yesware Email Templates live inside your Gmail or Outlook inbox. You can create a library of customizable templates, organize them into folders, share them with your team, and quickly insert them into emails in one click. With elements like merge fields and drop-downs, you’re able to highly personalize your message based on the recipient you’re sending it to. 

Yesware also tracks all of your templates so you know which are the most effective and which need improvement. 

sales prospecting tools: Yesware Templates

Hemingway App

Hemingway App is a desktop App that does the heavy lifting for you by showing you exactly what to cut and what to change. You can edit your email campaigns within the app before copying and pasting them into Gmail or Outlook. 

sales prospecting tools: Hemingway App


WiseStamp is an email signature generator that allows you to create a professional and personalized sign-off for your emails. This tool allows you to insert an image of yourself to help humanize your cold emails, as well as links to your social media accounts to help you connect with more prospects.

sales prospecting tools: WiseStamp

Sales Prospecting Tools to Automate Meeting Scheduling

sales prospecting tools: scheduling meetings

Meeting Scheduler

Yesware’s Meeting Scheduler allows you to send live, customizable links to prospects that sync to your calendar, giving prospects only available time slots to choose from. Then, the meeting automatically gets added to both of your calendars. This tool significantly decreases the back-and-forth that comes with booking meetings. 

sales prospecting tools: Yesware Meeting Scheduler


Doodle is a scheduling tool for meetings, events, and appointments. This tool is especially useful for groups because it allows you to send group polls where multiple people can select their preferred time, allowing you to find a meeting time that works best for everyone. 

sales prospecting tools: Doodle


Clara is a virtual assistant that books meetings on your behalf. With a free trial or paid subscription, just CC Clara on your email to your prospect, and you’re good to go. Not only does Clara reach out to your prospect to set up the meeting, but she follows up if they don’t reply. Take a look:

sales prospecting tools: Clara

Sales Prospecting Tools to Analyze Engagement

sales prospecting tools: analyzing engagement


Gong is a revenue intelligence platform that helps sales professionals understand what is/isn’t working in their sales process. The tool records, transcribes, and analyzes all of your sales conversations via video calls, phone calls, and emails. Gong then delivers data-backed insights for improving those interactions and winning more deals.

sales prospecting tools: Gong


Clari is a revenue platform that gives sales teams visibility across their funnel. The tool takes data from a variety of sources — email, call logs, CRM, social media, and more — and weaves it together to deliver targeted execution insights for every party involved in the revenue-generation process. 

sales prospecting tools: Clari

Yesware Reporting

Yesware’s Reporting & Analytics tells you how your templates and campaigns are performing as well as who your most interested prospects are. You can see which recipients opened your emails, clicked on links, and viewed attachments. The tool also breaks down your tracked attachments, telling you how long prospects spend on each page and who those prospects are. 

sales prospecting tools: Yesware Reporting


Chorus captures and analyzes all prospect calls, meetings, and emails to provide visibility into your deals. It enables managers and coaches to quickly identify what top performers do differently, so you can scale those processes across the entire team. 

sales prospecting tools: Chorus

And that’s all for now! We recommend that you try at least one of these sales prospecting tools today, and feel free to share any others that we missed! What’s in your sales stack? Tweet us: @Yesware.

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This guide was updated on December 13, 2023.

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