Small Business Sales Software for Email Outreach

Small Business Sales Software for Email Outreach

Small businesses face a unique set of challenges when it comes to sales outreach and the small business sales software they use to help them do it.

On the one hand, they need to be able to contact (and subsequently keep track of) large numbers of leads, the volume at which is likely to grow very quickly for a certain time period — if, that is, your small business sales software can handle the scale.

On the other hand, many enterprise-level sales software platforms can be seemingly endlessly complex (and expensive) — usually needlessly so, for businesses of a certain size (SMBs). 

Regardless, though, sales teams from businesses at all stages need reliable sales outreach software that matches their specific needs; a platform that will help them organize their contacts, track and manage their sales pipeline, and automate their outreach efforts. 

The platform your team uses can make or break your ability to succeed and scale. 

For small and medium businesses, that’s where Yesware comes in.

In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about Yesware, the small business sales software that helps sales reps stay in touch with prospects with ease, personalization, and data-tracked correspondence. 

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Yesware’s Email Tools for Small Business Success

Yesware offers a full suite of features and tools for small business sales reps to keep in touch with their prospects and customers. 

Open and Click Tracking

Our real-time email tracking capabilities give sales reps up-to-the-minute data about which emails are most engaging to their prospects using open rate and click-through rate (CTR) data. 

small business sales software: email tracking

This way, sales reps can keep track of what happens to their emails after they hit send, allowing them to strategically plan for outreach and timely follow-up. 

Our small business sales software gives sales teams the ability to add data to their decision-making process about how and when to reach out to leads and prospects.

Attachment Tracking

Yesware also gives users the ability to track attachments and other sales collateral (e.g. sales decks, presentations, etc.), with real data showing how often the documents are viewed and for how long. 

small business sales software: attachment tracking

Not only does this data help with individual prospects and sales opportunities, but it also helps sales teams develop a deeper understanding of which content makes the biggest impact on their target audience as a whole. 

Plus, Yesware captures at-a-glance details for individual prospects that can be viewed directly within reps’ inboxes. 

small business sales software: email tracking

This gives sales reps the details they need right at their fingertips as they’re preparing to initiate a new interaction. 

Personalized Templates

Yesware also gives users the ability to save and store proven, successful email templates.

small business sales software: email templates

Plus, our software automatically tracks the results of each of your templates so you can stay on top of what’s working if and when your market’s preferences shift over time. 

small business sales software: template library

And all templates are fully customizable and highly personalized for targeted, strategic, relationship-oriented outreach.

Email templates help save time for small sales teams, for whom every minute and every resource counts. 

It also helps ensure that messaging stays consistent, measurable, and scalable team-wide. 

currency-dollarAccelerate revenueSee a 3x increase in sales volume per rep

Multi-Touch Campaigns for Comprehensive Outreach

Another one of Yesware’s powerful features is its ability to help sales teams design and dispatch email campaigns that are:

  • Multi-touch 
  • Omnichannel
  • Personalized
  • Automated/manual as needed

Our email campaigns give sales reps the power to nurture current leads — wherever they are in the sales pipeline — while continuing to initiate contact with new leads at the top of the funnel. 

Automated Emails

Yesware makes automated emails fast, easy, and highly personalized. You can send a variety of touches in a variety of forms. 

small business sales software: multi-channel prospecting campaigns

You can set a specific cadence for each touch by selecting the amount of days you’d like your next message to be delivered. If the recipient doesn’t reply or book a meeting, your follow-up emails will automatically be sent depending on the amount of time you set.

small business sales software: automated campaigns

Sales reps can manage multiple workflows simultaneously with little to no manual intervention.

And with seamless integration with Salesforce, Yesware makes everything truly as automated as it can be. 

Manual Emails

Yesware’s small business sales software also allows users to create emails and campaigns manually for times when an extra personalized touch is required. 

While automation is a powerful and non-negotiable tool in today’s digital sales landscape, the ability to manually edit and/or create emails and campaigns is equally important. 

Yesware’s combination of automated and manual email campaigns gives users the ability to be flexible and adaptable to different audience needs. 

Phone Call Reminders

Multi-channel campaigns also allow users to add phone calls to their cadence, with automated reminders that keep reps on track with their timing. 

The reminder populates in your Yesware sidebar, which is right inside your inbox:

small business sales software: phone call reminders

This feature helps sales reps strategically and seamlessly toggle between email outreach and phone interactions to keep prospects engaged and informed throughout the process. 

LinkedIn InMails and Custom Touches

Similarly, Yesware users also have the ability to include LinkedIn messaging and other customized social media touches to create a truly comprehensive and all-reaching outreach campaign. 

Sales reps can leverage Yesware’s various outreach capabilities to curate campaigns that are completely tailored to each individual prospect’s needs and preferences. 

B2B Contact Data for Precision Targeting

Yesware’s newest feature, the Prospector tool, gives sales teams access to an enormous B2B lead database with enriched profiles for 100+ million contacts. 

small business sales software: b2b contact data

And with the ability to add relevant contacts in bulk to your CRM, Yesware makes it easy to scale your lead generation process. 

It’s also worth noting here (because not all platforms are created equally in this regard) that Yesware is fully GDPR & CCPA-compliant. Your contacts’ data privacy must be the top priority, and Yesware ensures that it’s completely protected. 

Meeting Scheduler for Seamless Coordination

Yesware’s Meeting Scheduler is integrated directly into your Outlook or Gmail inbox, making coordinating schedules fast and easy. 

small business sales software: meeting scheduler

Simply keep your own calendar up to date, and recipients can see your availability and schedule their own appointment with the click of a link directly from within your email message — no back-and-forth required. 

small business sales software: meeting scheduler

And with automated meeting confirmations and reminders, you’ll always stay on top of where you need to be next. 

Yesware also gives sales reps space to prepare questions and notes on the back end, keeping everything contained in one streamlined, organized place. 

Reporting and Analytics for Informed Decision-Making

Perhaps one of Yesware’s most impressive capabilities is its ability to track, measure, and draw insights from sales team’s and prospects’ behavior. 

Our Reporting & Analytics tools give sales teams results on their email performance, campaign success, prospect engagement, and more, so they can make data-driven decisions about current and future outreach strategies. 

small business sales software: reporting and analytics

And with daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reporting time frames, sales reps can measure their day-to-day progress against big-picture goals. 

Engagement data is one of the most powerful tools in a sales rep’s toolbox; the more sales reps understand about which prospects are most engaged, the more appropriately they can prioritize their resources. 

Our reporting features can also help sales managers improve their sales forecasting

small business sales software: Salesforce Yesware reporting

And all of these reports can be viewed based on individual sales reps, or based on the team’s results as a whole.

Tip: Looking for more ways to improve your small business sales process? Grab some of our favorite data-backed email findings below:

Sales Engagement Data Trends from 3+ Million Sales ActivitiesLooking at millions of tracked email activity over the past few years, this ebook is filled with our top studies and findings to help sales teams accelerate results.

Cost-Effective Solutions Tailored for Small Businesses

Yesware was created to bridge the gap between the needs of small sales teams and large, complex enterprise software platforms. 

With the option for a free “forever account,” as well as three pricing plans that max out at $65/month, Yesware is a highly affordable solution for teams hoping to execute personalized and automated outreach that can scale with them as they grow. 

small business sales software: Yesware plans and pricing

And, for teams that need something more or different, we also offer the ability to completely customize plans, features, and price points. 


Yesware is the all-in-one small business sales software that helps teams execute personalized, automated strategies at scale. 

With features to enhance individual interactions and tools to help teams grow and manage the pipeline at large, Yesware has everything sales reps need to build relationships and connect with prospects in a way that moves deals forward. 

It helps teams meet the immediate needs of the pipeline while staying on track with their long-term goals. 

Noteworthy affordability, sophisticated features, and ease of use are what set Yesware apart from the rest. 

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