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October 9, 2012 | 
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Salespeople rely on Yesware because it helps them close deals faster to make more money. Some take advantage of the templates and CRM syncing to save time. Some like the confidence boost they get as they see their messages being opened and forwarded. Others use a combination of all our features to improve their current sales process.

But everyone who uses our service understands the value of the Yesware follow-up.

Yesware Follow-Up #1: Call your prospects when they open your email

If you’ve sent an email using Yesware tracking, you’ll instantly be notified when someone opens your email or clicks on a link within the body of your message. Many salespeople use this real-time information to close deals faster by instantly following up via email or phone. The prospect doesn’t realize that you saw they opened your message. They just think you’re a salesperson with brilliant timing and finesse.

Yesware Follow-Up #2: Email prospects that read your email but didn’t respond

Many salespeople send out email blasts to dozens of people with the same subject line. They may even have a key target they believe may have lost interest or are curious who’s been avoiding their emails. By filtering your messages to stay on top of key prospects, you can sort messages and determine which people are best to follow up with. It’s likely that if someone read your email multiple times and/or clicked on the internal message links, they are interested but need that extra nudge to seal the deal.

Yesware Follow-Up #3: Call or Tweet a prospect that doesn’t read email

Prospects come in all shapes and sizes. Many also prefer different modes of communication. A key prospect may be more likely to respond on Twitter or LinkedIn than they would by email or phone. So why not try more than one touch point? You can filter the ones who haven’t opened your email and try calling or messaging them using a social channel via our Contact Insights.

The Call to Action

If you’ve ever successfully utilized one of our Yesware follow-ups to close a deal faster please let us know! Tweet #FollowYes with your story and we’ll send you Yesware swag that you can show off at the office.

Have you used Yesware differently to close deals faster? Do you have questions about Yesware email tracking? Let us know!

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