Top Sales Statistics & Takeaways to Sell Smarter in 2020

Top Sales Statistics & Takeaways to Sell Smarter in 2020
Jenny Keohane
Jenny Keohane

Jenny Keohane

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The best thing you can do in sales is to look back, reflect, and learn. What are your key takeaways from 2019?

We all have our own takeaways. But another great aspect to reflect on is common themes from the sales industry that reveal buyer behaviors and best practices. We can thank various studies for that inside look.

Let’s review some key sales statistics found through studies in 2019 and reflect on the takeaways and how you can use these findings to better your sales strategy in 2020. 

Top Sales Statistics & Takeaways of 2019

1. Budget is the most common reason that stronger sales opportunities fall apart

Source: Marc Wayshak

Takeaway: A fundamental element of your sales process is building value from the get-go so this problem doesn’t arise. The key takeaway is to be stronger right off the bat by emphasizing the value of your solution upfront – the price is all about perceived value. Never let your prospect doubt that your solution isn’t worth the price. 

2. Most emails are opened at the end of the workday, peaking at 3pm

Sales Statistics: Open RateSource: Mailchimp & Optinmonster

Takeaway: Mailchimp found that the majority of emails are opened between 2pm – 5pm which means sending your email in the morning can jeopardize your chances of reaching your recipient, getting lost in the clutter of their inbox. Optinmonster also found that open rates peaked at 3pm, suggesting that Tuesday after 1pm is your best bet.

clockSend your emails at the best timeSchedule your emails and track all results

3. The best day to call your prospects is Wednesday & the best time is between 4pm – 5pm

Sales Statistics: best day to make calls is Wednesday Source: Callhippo

Takeaway: Data like this is super constructive because it gives you insight into common behaviors. Use this data and try it for yourself – see if you get an increase in responses and conversations. If the results are positive, leave this time frame for your top opportunities to catch your prospects at the optimal time.

4. Top sales reps listen more than talk in the discovery call

Listen more than you pitchSource: Saleshacker

Takeaway: ALWAYS ask questions and get your prospects talking, especially in the discovery call. Various data studies show the power of the talk-listen ratio: on average, top sales professionals speak 43% of the time and listen 57% of the time. Get your prospects talking by asking questions and making the conversation about them.

5. 35% of people decide whether or not to open an email based solely on the subject line

Source: Convince&Convert

Takeaway: We all know how important subject lines are. The bottom line is – you need to make your subject line as enticing as possible or it will get lost in the clutter. In 2020, try new things and be unique. A great way to do this? By using features like Yesware’s Reporting to see what emails are getting opened which indicates what subject lines are resonating with your recipients. Based on this, reflect and improve. The next sales statistic can help with perfecting your subject line:

6. The most successful emails have subject lines between 1-5 words

Subject lines peak at 1-5 words Source: Yesware

Takeaway: Keep your subject lines as short as possible. Yesware’s data found that the most successful emails based on open and reply rates had subject lines between 1-5 words. Clear and concise is key to generating the perfect subject line, don’t go overboard.

Tip: Get prospects to click — here are 20 cold email subject lines proven to get over 85% open rates.

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7. At least 50% of your prospects aren’t a good fit for what you’re selling

Source: Marc Wayshak

Takeaway: Qualifying is still so important to date. Once you realize a prospect isn’t a good fit – don’t push it and move on. Change the way you approach prospecting in 2020 by looking for key indicators right off the bat to avoid wasting your time on the wrong opportunities. 

8. The top sales prospecting challenge of 2019 is setting up appointments

Top sales prospecting challenges of 2019

Image source

Source: Richardson Annual Selling Challenges Study

Takeaway: This helps put into perspective what other professional salespeople are struggling with. What can you do? Master the top struggle. Work on the top challenges and succeed at them to help you stand out from the crowd.

9. Mobile clients account for 41.9% of email opens

Source: Litmus

Takeaway: Always make sure your email can be viewed on a mobile device. Watch your subject line length, keep your email short and concise, be careful with images and GIFs, and test your email presence by sending it to your mobile device before multiple recipients.

10. Top performers ask for more referrals

Sales Statistics: Top performers ask for more referrals

Source: Marc Wayshak

Takeaway: One of the best techniques you can leverage as a salesperson is learning and replicating behaviors from the top reps. About 47% of top reps ask for referrals consistently vs. only 26% of non-top performers. They’re succeeding by asking for those introductions and referrals, so why not try it out?

Sell Smarter in 2020

Take in these sales statistics, share them with your team, and execute accordingly.

Buyer behaviors and common trends will keep changing. Thanks to various thorough and insightful studies, we can benefit from the most current data, allowing us to sell smarter in 2020.

Bonus: Hungry for more sales statistics & takeaways?

Are you reading this in 2021?

Read our current sales statistics article with all data found in 2020 studies.

Top Sales Statistics of 2020 & Takeaways to Guide Your 2021 Strategy


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