Recent data shows that alignment between Marketing and Sales departments can help companies become up to 67% better at closing deals, and generate 209% more value from marketing. 

What it means: Smarketing is more than just a fun sounding buzz word. It’s key to your business success.

Screenshot 2014-04-08 10.09.48Pro-tip: Marketers can use Yesware to gain visibility into sales activity in Marketo, without disrupting the Sales team process. 

Yesware’s integration with Marketo offers a win-win to an all too common problem: Lack of visibility into the sales cycle. After Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) are passed along to the sales team, marketers are often hard pressed to understand what happens when a salesperson emails that prospect. Did they click on a link? Visit the website?

To avoid the lead black holee and understand which activities equal closed business, marketers and salespeople can now view Yesware data in Marketo. This integration helps teams:

  1. Segment Smart Lists for more timely and relevant communications. Each of these actions — email opens, replies, link clicks, attachment opens, and scheduled calendar events — is captured within Marketo, offering marketers a better understanding of how a lead has engaged with sales and when. 
  2. Improve lead quality. Sales activity data is directly fed into Marketo’s lead record to reveal a 360-degree view of the entire customer acquisition process. For example, you may think a lead went dark, but then see that they’re resurfacing in their interactions with sales, prompting you to bump their lead score up again.

Bottom line: This is a win-win for savvy smarketers.

  • Salespeople can increase the prioritization of prospects based on both sales and prospects activities.
  • Marketers can easily see what happens after a salesperson engages with a lead.

From first contact to close, Yesware’s Marketo integration enables both teams to work together more effectively with a holistic overview of lead, account, and opportunity activity all in one place.

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