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Acquia provides the leading cloud platform for building, delivering, and optimizing digital experiences. For over 7 years, Acquia has used Yesware to successfully fuel their ‘Predictable Revenue’ Strategy.





Acquia was looking to build a “Predictable Revenue” strategy but lacked the tools. Acquia reps found Yesware in the Google App Marketplace and quickly came to appreciate its seamless integration with Salesforce and Gmail. The learning curve was short and the product was soon adopted by the rest of the sales team. The time savings with removing admin tasks and the efficiency of email templates were two of Acquia’s favorite features.





  • Build a Predictable Revenue Strategy


  • Find a technology that sales reps will actually use


  • Eliminate redundant tasks and manual data entry





  • 31% Higher Email Reply Rates


  • 20% New Business Growth


  • 29% Increase in Call Connect Rate



Yesware is rare among sales tools in that it’s equally beloved by the reps and the managers. I’d highly recommend Yesware to any sales leader who wants better, more actionable data to drive predictable sales processes.”

Tim Bertrand

Tim Bertrand

Chief Revenue Officer

Tim Bertrand