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Acquia Adopts ‘Predictable Revenue’ Strategy, Fueled by Yesware

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Yesware has been a crucial factor in helping us become the fastest growing software company in North America. I’d highly recommend Yesware to any sales leader who wants better, more actionable data to drive predictable sales processes.

Tim Bertrand, Chief Revenue Officer


Acquia is a CMS platform for building, delivering, and optimizing digital experiences with agility and speed. The company provides cloud-based solutions for content, community and commerce across the world and its sales team spans four continents.


Predictable revenue not possible without sales automation

When Aaron Ross first published Predictable Revenue in May 2011, Acquia’s sales managers and reps were 100% on board.

But the team didn’t have the technology to execute this strategy.

Reps were without an empowerment tool, spending more time on admin tasks and redundant work than actual selling. Two hours a day went down the drain, with copying, pasting, and customizing emails, and manually entering activities into Salesforce.

Managers, for their part, struggled to maximize their team’s potential. They had zero data on the effectiveness of their team’s email communication (other than the obvious reply), and they spent hours a week reminding and re-reminding individual contributors to update Salesforce.


Reps and managers find common pillar in Yesware

Enter, Yesware. Acquia reps first found the product in the Google App Marketplace and quickly came to appreciate its seamless integration with Salesforce, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive.

Right from their inbox, reps were selecting email templates, customizing them within seconds, tracking prospect’s email activity in real-time, clicking to make calls, scheduling emails to send later, and auto-logging their activity to salesforce.

The learning curve was short. And the product was soon adopted by the rest of the sales team.

“Yesware is rare among sales tools in that it’s equally beloved by the reps and the managers,” says then-VP-Sales, now-CRO Tim Bertrand. “Yesware spread so quickly among our reps that we had dozens of heavy users by the time it got to me and our managers.”

The time savings with removing admin tasks and the efficiency of email templates were two of Acquia’s favorite features.


Widespread, tightened sales efficiency that drives results

Four years later, reps continue to test different messaging through Yesware’s templates, and pinpoint what drives deals forward at each stage. Managers easily monitor whose templates are top-performing at any given time and share them across the team in the click of a button to consistently promote effective messaging.

Reps today see an average 31% increase in email replies and a 29% higher call connection rate across the team. Their prospecting efforts require fewer touches to move deals through the pipeline. Yesware’s salesforce integration saves each rep two hours per day and has completely eliminated manual CRM entry as an admin task. For managers, Yesware reporting gives a clear view into rep email, call, and meeting activity. The product’s efficiencies, real-time data, and messaging improvements have driven well over 20% of sales growth since Acquia first onboarded with Yesware.

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