How Fundbox increased rep productivity by 30% with Yesware

30% increase in rep productivity

100% adoption of Team Templates

1 hour saved per day per sales rep


Fundbox uses cutting-edge tech to give small businesses access to credit. But as they grew rapidly, their sales was struggling with more leads than they could handle.


Find a solution the entire sales team would use
Save time and eliminate redundant tasks
Take the guesswork out of follow-up


Fundbox was growing rapidly and found themselves with more leads than they could handle. Managing follow-up and prioritizing leads was difficult, and they needed a way to cut through the noise. They also found themselves wasting valuable time on needless admin work, which made the process even more difficult.


Yesware's Templates helped Fundbox standardize and automate their follow-up, while Salesforce Integration auto-synced sales activity for them. Email Tracking allows their sales leaders to get more insight into email conversion patterns.


After creating a standardized sales process, Fundbox has seen 100% adoption of Yesware across the team. They created a standardized follow-up process and gained a 30% increase in rep productivity. Per day, they reclaimed 1 hour per day of selling time.

“Part of why Yesware works here is because our reps have bought into the value. It's really, really intuitive and easy-to-use.”

Basile Senesi

VP of Sales & Operations

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