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Fundbox uses cutting-edge tech to give small businesses access to credit. But with more leads than they could handle, their sales struggled with follow-up.”





Yesware’s Templates, Email Tracking, and Salesforce Sync came to the rescue by bringing automation and adding co-pilot for each sales rep, ultimately saving each rep 1 hour/day. On top of that, sales leaders could finally track email conversion patterns.





  • Take the guesswork out of follow-up


  • Save time


  • Find a solution everyone wants to use





  • 60 mins saved per rep/per day


  • 100% Adoption of Templates


  • 30% increase in rep productivity



You need to understand your reps’ capacity, and look at technology as a means to do more with less. Don’t just consider it from a macro-down view, but look at the user-level, too. Will it stick with your team? Part of Yesware works here is our reps have bought into the value. It’s really, really intuitive and easy-to-use.”

Basile Senesi

Basile Senesi

Head of Sales

Basile Senesi