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Guidebook is a venture-funded Bay-area based company that enables everyone to build and launch mobile apps for events, regardless of technical ability. Before Yesware they were bouncing between several platforms that wasted time and caused friction.





Yesware gave Guidebook reps the opposite experience felt with their previous piecemeal apps: it just worked, and it worked really well. Yesware was (and continues to be) easy to install for new users, and its implementation is instant. Since guidebook first started using Yesware, its user base has expanded 3x. Reps today work smoothly in Gmail rather than having to manage multiple user interfaces that broke often and easily. And they’re loving it.





  • Streamline sales engagement into one tool


  • Remove manual data entry and event logging


  • Increase visibility for leaders into accounts/team performance





  • 50% more replies with Team Templates


  •  175 hours saved/month with CRM sync


  • 8 Hours saved/day across teams



Before, we were using three different apps to handle the sales team challenges, and it was really tough to get all of those apps to work together properly. Sales reps would waste time clicking back and forth between windows, and they were left on their own to call support lines, trouble-shooting. Yesware has delivered a huge time savings: we get back 100 hours per year by not having to contact support, and across the sales team we win back 8 selling hours per day by not needing to switch between apps.”

Alan Blank

Alan Blank

VP Product Marketing and Business Development

Alan Blank