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Guidebook Saves 175 Hours/Month with Yesware’s Salesforce Integration

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Before, we were using three different apps to handle the sales team challenges, and it was really tough to get all of those apps to work together properly. Sales reps would waste time clicking back and forth between windows, and they were left on their own to call support lines, trouble-shooting. Yesware has delivered a huge time savings: we get back 100 hours per year by not having to contact support, and across the sales team we win back 8 selling hours per day by not needing to switch between apps.

Alan Blank, VP Product Marketing and Business Development


Guidebook is a venture-funded Bay-area based company that enables everyone to build and launch mobile apps for events, regardless of technical ability.


Fragmented apps wasted time and caused frustration

Prior to Yesware, the Guidebook sales team was using multiple solutions alongside Salesforce — one app to get insight into email tracking, another to send emails later, and yet another to create email templates. And these solutions didn’t integrate.

As if toggling from one app to the next wasn’t trouble enough, the platforms had bugs. On a weekly basis, emails weren’t logging, sending, or templating properly. Instead, Individual sales reps were on the phone with providers’ support teams, and unintentionally stepping on each other’s toes because of a lack of proper data in Salesforce. Outreach from multiple reps to the same contact was inefficient, and it made Guidebook look messy as a sales team to customers.

On top of that, management had little visibility into the correct status of each opportunity, and the level of communication with particular customers was difficult to assess.

What it came down to: Guidebook needed a tool that enabled its sales team to work more efficiently in Salesforce with their email.


One-stop-shop syncs to SFDC and immediately increases efficiency

A sales rep on the Guidebook team was very aware of this need Guidebook had. After doing some research, she found Yesware’s free trial and brought it to the attention of the VP of Marketing and Biz Dev.

When the sales team gave Yesware a shot, they were immediately impressed by its abilities to:

  • Log updates automatically to Salesforce against correct contacts and leads
  • Create templates and share them across reps for handling particular situations.
  • Surface all data on who a rep is emailing right there in their Gmail inbox via Yesware’s Salesforce sidebar
  • Flag email opens from prospects and customers in real-time, giving reps a springboard to initiate a call


It just works, and it’s damn good at helping reps sell smarter

Yesware gave Guidebook reps the opposite experience felt with their previous piecemeal apps: it just worked, and it worked really well. Yesware was (and continues to be) easy to install for new users, and its implementation is instant.

Having everything handled by one app has been a huge time saver for reps — about 100 hours of selling time/rep/year. On top of that, removing the need for manual data entry into Salesforce and adding automatic event logging saves 175 hours/month across the team.

Here are the major takeaways that the team realized with Yesware:

  • No more toe stepping because Salesforce data was correct and updated in real-time; unified, polished customer communication
  • Increased visibility for leadership into accounts; sales managers and execs could see last-touch and current status with certainty
  • No need to nag team members to update their prospecting information in Salesforce
  • Team learning with template sharing; reporting on best performing emails lifts all reps to this standard and increases response rates from clients as much as 50%.

Since Guidebook first started using Yesware, its user base has expanded 3x. Reps today work smoothly in Gmail rather than having to manage multiple user interfaces that broke often and easily. And they’re loving it.

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