How MassChallenge gets a 72% reply rate on automated email campaigns with Yesware

72% reply rate on email campaigns

60% adoption of Salesforce sync

15 hours saved per campaign with templates


MassChallenge is a non-profit focused on supporting startups going through accelerated growth. As their own growth accelerated, the team realized they needed a tool that could help them scale their own email outreach and lead nurturing easily and efficiently. According to system engineer Matt Lubin, they've never found "anything that comes even remotely close" to Yesware.


Scale one-to-one personalized emails
Track engagement and find ways to improve outreach
Better nurture existing relationships while working efficiently


Personalizing hundreds of emails every week was incredibly time-consuming for MassChallenge, and impossible to scale. Without a way to track engagement, the team couldn't even measure how their email outreach performed. They were spending hours  on manual data entry and activity logging, too.


Yesware was the perfect fit for MassChallenge's needs. Templates and Campaigns save them hours by efficiently personalizing and sending hundreds of targeted emails every week. Email Tracking allows them to easily track engagement and find their best performing messaging. Finally, Salesforce Sync eliminates the need for manual data entry.


MassChallenge's has seen dramatic results since implementing Yesware into their workflow. They now save 15 hours on every campaign with Templates, even getting an incredible 72% reply rate with email Campaigns.

"Yesware saves me hours every day. I have 1000+ people who I have to email regularly. Personalized one by one, that would take me a day or two. Instead, I can do it in a few hours.”

Naila Jahan

Global Partnerships Coordinator

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