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MassChallenge Uses Yesware To Scale 1:1 Emails (And Track Engagement)

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MassChallenge is all about bringing the right people together. We want to make sure that our communication is highly targeted and efficient, and Yesware does an outstanding job with tracking and logging into Salesforce.

Roman Kern, Director of Global Operations & Technology


MassChallenge is a non-profit focused on supporting startups going through accelerated growth. Connected to high-impact, early-stage entrepreneurs globally, MassChallenge offers no-strings benefits like $1.5M in cash awards, free office space, strategic partnerships, expert mentorship, training, and more. To date, MassChallenge has accelerated 1,211 alumni from around the world, which have gone on to raise over $2 billion in funding, generate approximately $900 million in revenue, and create over 65,000 jobs.


As MassChallenge grew exponentially, the team needed a tool that could scale their output

“MassChallenge is all about bringing people together,” says Roman Kern, Senior Director of Global Operations and Technology.

The business of offering free funding without any equity makes MassChallenge a high-demand service for startups.

Selling isn’t the hurdle. It’s communicating:

Maintaining existing relationships, cultivating new ones with partners and mentors, and communicating with startup residents about daily needs.

“Time is the most tangible thing,” says Matt Lubin, Systems Engineer.

Writing out individual emails to every partner, mentor, and startup employee just wasn’t feasible with the number of MassChallenge employees and the time in a day.

Which is where Yesware came in.


Yesware delivers personalized communication to hundreds at once

The MassChallenge team first found Yesware in 2011, and they haven’t found anything that “comes remotely close to it” since then, explains Matt Lubin, their System Engineer.

The tool delivers what many teams desire: the ability to send 1:1 messaging to hundreds of people at once, insight into when emails are opened and links are clicked, and relief from having to manually log activities.

“We want to make sure that our communication is highly targeted and efficient, and Yesware does an outstanding job with tracking and logging into Salesforce,” says Roman Kern, Senior Director of Global Operations and Technology. 60% of users at MassChallenge say Yesware’s Salesforce sync feature is critical to their day-to-day operations.

Here are other Yesware features MassChallenge users love most:

  • Email Tracking — To see when community members are opening emails, so they know both that their updates are read internally and when to follow up externally.
  • Templates — 55% of users say this feature is business critical. They use it to save standard messaging right in the inbox, where it can be customized in 5 seconds.
  • Mail Merge — To schedule up to 200 emails (completely personalized) that send right from Gmail.


Many teams across MassChallenge see increased productivity and community outreach requires less time and typing

“Yesware saves me hours every day,” says Nalia Jahan, Global Partnerships Coordinator. “I have 1000+ people who I have to email regularly. Personalized one by one, that would take me a day or two. Instead, I can do it in a few hours.”

On top of that, the ability to keep personalization while scaling out email outreach has won the MassChallenge team a 72% reply rate on mass emails.

And there’s the new reality of knowing exactly what happens after you press “send” on an email.

“If I see a reporter has opened my email, I know that they’re seeing what I sent,” says Hannah Perry, PR Manager. “If they haven’t reached out, I know how tailor my follow-up from there.”

Yesware’s ease of use was another pleasant surprise for the MassChallenge team.

“Honestly, we hardly ever have to onboard anyone for Yesware,” says Roman. “It’s straightforward to use, and people immediately get it.”

Matt Lubin, the go-to onboarding manager when it comes to tech for new employees, agrees:

“Yesware has the same functionality as other systems, but is infinitely simpler. If you’re the type of person or company that heavily relies on email communication, try Yesware.”

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