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MassChallenge is a non-profit focused on supporting startups going through accelerated growth. As their own growth accelerated, the team needed a tool that could scale their output.





The MassChallenge team first found Yesware in 2011, and they haven’t found anything that “comes remotely close to it” since then, explains Matt Lubin, their System Engineer. The tool delivers what many teams desire: the ability to send 1:1 messaging to hundreds of people at once, insight into when emails are opened and links are clicked, and relief from having to manually log activities.





  •   Scale 1:1 emails


  •  Track engagement for more precise output


  • Better nurture existing relationships without wasting time





  •     15 hours saves per email campaign


  •         60% of users rely on Salesforce Sync


  •     72% Reply Rate with Email Campaigns



Yesware saves me hours every day. I have 1000+ people who I have to email regularly. Personalized one by one, that would take me a day or two. Instead, I can do it in a few hours.”

Naila Jahan

Naila Jahan

Global Partnerships Coordinator

Naila Jahan