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Mimeo is an innovative online managed content distribution and printing provider who once struggled with the number of hours they “sent into a black hole” each day. They wanted their time back and they needed insight where they had none.





Yesware beat the competition in Mimeo’s search for a tool that could deliver insight and time savings. Mimeo reps gained immediate value from Yesware’s email tracking feature, and the Gmail dashboard gave reps complete data on email opens, clicks and attachment views. More hours selling + better data = more sales.





  • Save time in the selling process


  • Learn which activities push deals forward


  • Use data to develop best practices for the team





  • 2 hours per day gained back for each rep


  • 10% increase in rep productivity


  • 4,200 hours saved per month



The sales data we get from Yesware is invaluable. It allows us to easily inspect the sales cycle. determining the likelihood and timing of deals as well as uncovering specific coaching opportunities.”

Dominic Garabedian

Dominic Garabedian

VP of Sales

Dominic Garabedian