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Yesware’s Chrome extension for Gmail tracks your emails and gives you insight to level up your email outreach. See who’s reading your emails in real-time, measure engagement, and find insight into the messaging that wins. It installs in just 1 minute.

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Track email opens from your Gmail inbox

Yesware integrates right into Gmail. With just a few clicks to set up, you can track every email that goes out. Just write and send emails, like you normally do. Since Yesware sends emails directly from Gmail, they always come from your own address. 


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Follow up with prospects in real time

Yesware will notify you as soon as someone reads your email or clicks a link inside. Follow up in real time with a personalized response while the lead is hot.

Leads’ recent activity are displayed in Gmail as well, showing you recent history and engagement over time. Give your warmest leads personal attention and stop chasing cold prospects. You’ll connect with more buyers, with less work.


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Find your most engaging content

Email tracking data is all displayed into Yesware’s reporting dashboards – open rates, reply rates, send rates, link clicks, attachment views, and more. You’ll get a birds-eye view of your email performance, before drilling down to find the exact messaging and content that gets prospects’ attention.

With attachment tracking, you’ll know how interested prospects are in your collateral and sales content. Give prospects what they want and start getting more email opens and meetings booked.


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Use Templates to get more replies with less work

After you find the content and subject lines with the best engagement, create templates for next time. Just insert a template into Gmail, customize, and send. You’ll get better engagement and responses while being more productive. Email tracking also helps you find winning templates and build a library of your top performers.


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Tracking and more for Gmail

Yesware takes 60 seconds to plug into Gmail. It’s intuitive to use and fast to implement. You’ll be tracking emails in minutes. There’s a reason G2 ranked us on #1 on their “Ease of Implementation” Report.

One easy sales tool

Yesware’s all-in-one toolkit for sales professionals helps you book better meetings, track results, and drive more business – right from your inbox.


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