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Yesware is an add-on for Outlook that lets you track all your emails right in your inbox. Get insight into who’s reading your emails and what messaging works best. Install and start tracking in 60 seconds.
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Track and send from your Outlook inbox

Yesware works with Outlook’s native Send button, so your workflow is never interrupted. Just write and send as you normally do – emails come straight from your own email address. 


You’ll be notified the instant someone opens your email, and can see all recent activity and history for each recipient. All right in Outlook. 


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See the data and find ways to improve outreach

Yesware compiles all your email tracking data into easy-to-read dashboards. See open rates, reply rates, send rates, and link clicks at a glance, and use them to find what messaging works – so you double down on it for even better results. You can also find your most engaged prospect and convert them through extra personal attention.


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Save hours every week with Templates

Templates help you save time. Instead of writing every email from scratch, just insert the right template right into Outlook, fill in the blanks, and send. You’ll be able to track individual Template performance and see which get the most engagement. 


Use the templates we start you off with or build your own template library.


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Track your attachments

Sending a lot of sales collateral? Yesware tracks the attachments you add to your emails and campaigns, too. You’ll be notified whenever a prospect views an attachment, so you can prepare for the next meeting or follow-up with that in mind.


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Ultimate sales productivity right from your inbox

Yesware that puts everything you need to make more sales right into your Outlook inbox. Work faster and connect with more buyers, without switching apps. It takes about 1 minute to install.

One easy sales tool

Yesware’s all-in-one toolkit for sales professionals helps you book better meetings, track results, and drive more business – right from your inbox.

Track emails in Outlook in just a few clicks

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