Best Sales Email Templates and Why They Work: Cold Outreach & Follow-Up

Best Sales Email Templates and Why They Work: Cold Outreach & Follow-Up

At Yesware, we’re constantly analyzing what makes the perfect email template.

After our recent study that analyzed 250,000 templates, we created Yesware’s new “Template Insights” feature that helps users build the perfect email template based on subject length, word count, question count, and grade level.

You can check out this new grader by editing any existing template, as seen below.

Email Template - Template Insights

After receiving lots of feedback from early users, we’ve put together some of our favorite sales email templates that received top scores and dissected each to provide an explanation of why they work.

Copy and use these templates in your everyday prospecting, or get them in your inbox with Yesware Templates. 

Note: The merge fields you see below – that look like {!this} – indicate a place where you can enter personalized information for each recipient. When your Yesware Templates contain these merge fields, you can personalize up to 1,000 emails in seconds by uploading a CSV containing those fields. 

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Sales Email Templates: Cold Outreach

Cold Outreach — Compliment Recent Accomplishment

Sales Email Template - Template Insights

Subject line: Congrats on {!Recent accomplishment}

Hi {!FirstName},

Congratulations on {!describe recent personal or company accomplishment}. I hope you and your team are taking some time to celebrate the accomplishment. 

I’m sure you’re very busy, but I’d love to get your take on how {!My Company Name} could {!solve a specific problem they’re facing or provide a specific benefit they need}.

Do you have 10 minutes sometime over the next couple weeks to chat? More than happy to work around your schedule or to try again at a more convenient time, just let me know. 

All the best and congrats again!

Why This Email Template Works:

This email template is engaging because it centers around them, not you. This email also cuts to the chase without being pushy. You engage the prospect immediately by focusing on their accomplishments.

After you have their attention, you propose how your product or service can benefit them by asking for their frame of reference. To finalize it off, you offer flexible scheduling that centers around their agenda. The template has a positive tone that turns you into a trusted advisor rather than a straight seller.

Cold Outreach — Do Their Research for Them

Sales Email Template - Template Insights

Subject line: Articles for your commute home

Hi {!FirstName},

The last few calls I’ve had with companies like yours who {!specific stats about the recipient’s company} have led me to research {!topic that could be a pain point for them}.

I thought you would appreciate these articles. I thought they did a great job at addressing {!pain point}:

{!Link to content 1} – {!description of content 1}

{!Link to content 2} – {!description of content 2}

{!Link to content 3} – {!description of content 3}

If these resonated with you, let’s grab 15 minutes to see if {!Your Company} can help by {!proposed solution for solving pain point}. 

 Is there a day or time that generally works best for you?

Why This Email Template Works:

Establishing credibility is key to gaining your prospect’s trust. Humans naturally fear the unknown. A tip to overcome their resistance is to mention a similar business you’ve worked with and how you’ve helped that company.

Do your research and demonstrate your industry expertise by offering guidance and solutions to their pain points. Build rapport by providing them relevant and helpful content. This email template helps you establish yourself as an authoritative figure and reduce any initial fears.

Cold Outreach — Event Follow-up

Sales Email Template - Template Insights

Subject line: Great meeting you at {!Event}

Hi {!FirstName},

It was great meeting you at {!Event where you met}. I loved learning more about {!something discussed}.

I’m really interested in hearing more about your role as {!Job title} at {!Company}, as {!reason why you’re interested}. If you have time in the coming weeks, let’s {!follow-up action}.

I’m generally free on {!Days of the week}, does one of those work for you?

Looking forward to keeping in touch!

Why This Email Template Works:

This template avoids mentioning your product or service and solely focuses on the recipient. The tone is personable and avoids all signs of a straight seller.

Your motives for using this template are to get prospects on the phone talking about themselves. Then, if they discuss any obstacles or pain points that your product or service can help with, the deal is in your hands and you have plenty of context to back it up.

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18 Proven Email Templates for SalesWinning email templates for cold outreach, follow-ups, and nurturing relationships – backed by data and real-world examples.

Sales Email Templates: Follow-Up

Follow-up — Final pitch

Sales Email Template - Template Insights

Subject line: My last pitch (without fluff)

Hi {!FirstName},

You haven’t replied to my previous message, so I’ll lay off after one last pitch that’s completely devoid of fluff.

I’ve been reaching out because I see a great opportunity to {!outcome 1}, {!outcome 2}, and {!outcome 3}. For details on how we’ve helped companies like {!Your Company} achieve similar results, please see the attached case study. 

I’ll plan on reconnecting in a few months, unless you tell me you’re ready to evaluate sooner. If you were interested in {offer for testing product/service or learning more about it}, I could help set that up too?

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to seeing {!Your company}’s

continued success and wish you nothing but the best!


Why This Email Template Works:

Prospects want you to be straight forward. Ensure them this is the last pitch and then rephrase the opportunities you could provide the team one last time to cement them in the prospect’s memory. Back this up with a case study to demonstrate success.

Tell them you’ll be reconnecting in a few months so they expect another email from you in the future but don’t shy away from offering them one last trial. Remind them you’ll keep an eye out for their company because you’re not finished with them just yet – showing determination and validation that you believe this is a good fit.

Pro tip: Check out some of the best sales pitch examples.

Follow-up — Just Left a Voicemail

Template Insights

Subject line: Just left you a voicemail

Hey {!FirstName},

I just left you a voicemail but wanted to drop a line by email in case this is more convenient for you.

I’m reaching out because it looks like {!point of alignment between their company and yours}.

We’re {!Company pitch with value to them — include stat & customer name(s)}. I’ve attached a few case studies of how we’ve helped teams like yours {!achieve outcome}.

I’d love to connect about your specific needs. I also have a suggestion about how you can {!achieve desired result} (with or without us).

Give me a call at {!your phone number} if convenient, or feel free to reply here.


Why This Email Template Works:

After leaving a voicemail, send the prospect this follow-up email within 24 hours. This shows consistency and an effort on your part. Rephrase your reason for reaching out and emphasize the value in your company and how it can benefit them.

Keep it short and sweet, pick a value that you believe will benefit them the most. Including a stat, similar company, and case study helps build credibility and provide social proof. Then, assure them you have a solution to their pain points and that you’d like to share this suggestion, which will increase the likelihood of them hopping on a call. Give them something to think about and allow them the flexibility to get back to you in any way that’s convenient.

Follow-up — Last Remaining Action Items

Template Insights

Subject line: Last remaining action items

Hi {!First Name},

 {!Greeting referencing your previous interaction (e.g. “Thanks again for taking the time to chat today. It was great to get your take on the best way to onboard your team.”)}

As promised, here’s a list of the last few items we’ll need in order to finalize our agreement: 




Is there anything else that you’d like me to add? Just let me know and I’ll be happy to address it.


Why This Email Template Works:

Following up is essential to any sales call or meeting. Reference your previous interaction right off the bat to get your last conversation top-of-mind.

Provide them with the next steps in an organized list so it’s clear, concise, and visually pleasing. The list allows them to visualize the next steps and indicate if there is anything missing. By asking them if there’s anything you missed, you show that you’re catering to their needs and want affirmation that they’re happy with the agreement – which is what every prospect wants to hear.

Follow-up — Meeting Summary With Next Steps

Template Insights

Subject line: Meeting Summary + Next Steps

Hey {!Company name} team,

Great meeting with you today — thank you for your time and for {!coming by the office/sharing in a discussion}.

I’m looking forward to talking again on {!agreed upon date}. I’ll send you a calendar invite for that shortly.  

Lastly, can you confirm that I recapped our discussion accurately?

Your Current {!Initiatives / Priorities / Goals}:

{!Priority 1}

{!Priority 2}

{!Priority 3}

Agreed Upon Next Steps: 

{!First Action + date} — {!Owner 1}

{!Second Action + date} — {!Owner 2}


mailType it once, save for re-useEmail templates that live in your inbox

Why This Email Template Works:

This email template helps ensure a positive experience for the prospect. First and foremost, address the prior meeting and thank them for their time. Re-emphasize the date you agreed upon and ensure you will send a calendar invite.

Then, provide them a recap of your meeting. Asking them for confirmation that the discussion went well verifies that you care and want to make sure they’re pleased with how your meeting went. Rephrase their goals to show active listening and that you understand their company initiatives. Finish the email off with the next steps to ensure another positive experience.

Follow-up – No Response to First Email

Subject line: (Reply to previous email you sent)

Hi {!FirstName},

I’m sure you’re very busy so I just wanted to check in to make sure that this didn’t slip through the cracks.

{!Ask a question / re-iterate initial ask}?

No problem at all if you’re too busy, just let me know.


Why This Email Template Works:

Getting no response is tough, but a follow-up is necessary. This template is short and sweet and cuts to the chase without being pushy.

Referencing that you know they’re busy helps the recipient feel more comfortable and understood. You know they’re a real person with a busy schedule which helps to humanize the email. Show them you’re persistent and re-iterate your initial ask to reinforce your commitment to helping them.

Tip: Top performing subject lines — 20 cold email subject lines proven to get over 85% open rates.


If you enjoy these email templates, we built an easily accessible and free template library where all of these templates live. 

These sales email templates follow the success metrics of subject length, word count, question count, and grade level depending on open and reply rates. Get this grader in your inbox today with Yesware to always stay on top of whether your email templates are as effective as they could be.

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