Why You Need Email Tracking Software

Why You Need Email Tracking Software

Getting an email tracking software in your Outlook or Gmail inbox is a game-changer.

Picture this:

You’re at work but something’s different. You’re not wasting hours on end inside in your inbox doing data entry or making guesses whether or not your email recipient saw your message. Your inbox is your friend. Someone you look forward to visiting.

This could be your reality.

Enter — email tracking. It’s the quickest and easiest way to keep tabs on recipients and increase your own productivity.

Let’s look at the top 5 reasons why you need email tracking software and how Yesware can help solve your problems.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Email Tracking Software

  1. Know the Interest Level of Your Buyers
  2. Follow Up When You’re Top of Mind
  3. Find Out Which Email Templates Work Best
  4. Know Which Content Prospects Find Most Interesting
  5. Automatically Send Opens and Replies to CRM
mailEmail tracking in your inboxReal-time engagement insights

1. Know the Interest Level of Your Buyers

With email tracking, you instantly know what your buyers care about and which recipients are your hottest leads.

And the best type of email tracking software gives you more than just read receipts.

With Yesware’s Email Tracking, you get notified when recipients read your emails, click on links, or view attachments. All right from your Outlook or Gmail inbox.

yesware email tracking software

In your Activity Feed, you get real-time insights and a full breakdown of each tracked email. You’ll find this information just one click away.

To get this information, all you need to do is spend 60 seconds to add this tool to your inbox. From there, tracking happens automatically.

2. Follow Up When You’re Top of Mind

Email tracking software also gives you the ability to time your follow-up perfectly.

You’ll get real-time notifications whenever prospects open and read emails or click on links so you can follow up at the right moment.

real time notification

For example, you can time your calls once buyers are engaging with your emails so your offer is already top-of-mind. This also helps you connect on your recipients’ time and schedule, when they’re the most active.

Email tracking keeps tabs on who replies and who doesn’t, letting you set follow-up reminders to yourself that trigger only if they don’t reply.

email reminder for follow up

This way, you’ll always be on top of your follow-ups and never let things slip through the cracks again.

3. Find Out Which Email Templates Work Best to Boost Open & Reply Rates

The best way to increase your email opens and replies is to A/B test your messaging to see what is/isn’t resonating with recipients.

You can test variations in your email templates, like:

  • Subject line
  • The first line (which becomes preview text for your recipient)
  • Body format
  • Email signature

Also, test different send times for your emails so you know when prospects are most likely to open.

The best part is that Yesware’s robust reporting easily pinpoints your best emails and tells you which email templates get the highest open rates and reply rates. For both yourself and your sales team.

email template reply rates and open rates

From this data, you can dissect what messaging needs work and how:

  • If the recipient didn’t open your email – your subject line isn’t engaging enough.
  • If the recipient opened your email but didn’t respond – the content of your message isn’t captivating enough/it didn’t resonate.
  • Or if the recipient opened your email and clicked on a link or attachment but didn’t respond – your message resonated with them and they wanted to learn more. But then some hesitation sank in, or they weren’t ready to make a decision just yet.

You can gauge the above information and more with Email Tracking and Reporting, all included with Yesware.

Next steps: Try sending two different subject lines with the same body to see which email gets the most opens.

databaseEliminate the guessworkGet notified when recipients read your emails, click on links, and view attachments

4. Know Which Content Prospects Find Most Interesting

Yesware’s email tracking software doesn’t just track email opens and link clicks, you can also track attachments and presentations.

With attachment tracking, you know which pieces of content and sales collateral are the most interesting to your prospects.

This way, you can shape your follow-up accordingly so you cater to their interests.

Presentation Reporting shows:

  1. How many people accessed the presentation
  2. The total number of views it received
  3. The average time spent viewing

You can also see how long it’s been since each person viewed and their completion rate:

email tracking software - presentation report

These engagement metrics will also help you edit/make adjustments to your attachments to help create highly converting pieces.

The insights will help you craft your next outreach or follow up in a way that resonates best with your prospects.

5. Automatically Send Opens and Replies to CRM

Four of the sweetest words in the English language: No more data entry.

Email tracking collects recipient engagement and auto-syncs it to your CRM.

Skip the manual data entry with Yesware’s Salesforce CRM sync that works seamlessly with email tracking.

Yesware automatically syncs your email sends, email replies, calls, meetings, and engagements like opens, link clicks, attachment views, and bounces.

email tracking software and CRM sync

Capture all activity on all devices at all times.

Bonus: Never Have to Leave your Inbox

The best part about Yesware’s email tracking tool is that you never have to leave your inbox. Yesware works in the background of the email client you already use.

You never have to leave your Outlook or Gmail inbox to track email, send email campaigns, view email analytics, create email templates, use email scheduling, and more.

Here’s your O365 inbox with Yesware’s Outlook Add-On:

outlook inbox

Here’s your Gmail inbox with Yesware’s Chrome Extension:

gmail inbox

Yesware doesn’t interrupt your everyday workflows, it’s there to make your life easier.

With Yesware, you don’t just get an email tracker, you get an all-in-one toolkit to help you boost productivity, connect with buyers, and win more business — right from your inbox.

That’s the power of Yesware.

Try our Outlook or Gmail add-on for free today (no credit card required).

Get sales tips and strategies delivered straight to your inbox.

Yesware will help you generate more sales right from your inbox. Try our Outlook add-on or Gmail Chrome extension for free, forever!

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