The Email Tracking Tool That Plugs Right Into Your Inbox

The Email Tracking Tool That Plugs Right Into Your Inbox
Gwen Lamar
Gwen Lamar

Gwen Lamar

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When you send an email, there’s always a lingering uncertainty.

Unless you get a response, you’re left wondering if your email was opened and what your chances are at receiving a response.

Email tracking takes away that uncertainty so that you can see clearly and know when to take action with your recipients.

Let’s walk through how email tracking revolutionizes the way that you email and how to get started in less than sixty seconds.

Want to send tracked emails right now? Get started with a free trial of Yesware.

3 Simple Ways Email Tracking Improves Your Inbox

1. You see when your emails are opened — in real-time

When you track your emails, we’ll alert you the second your email is opened!

Tracking flags each open (and reopen) of an email, so you can better gauge your recipient’s engagement.

Each time you get a new email open, we’ll alert you with a desktop notification.

2. Get totally new insights with minimal effort

Email tracking goes above and beyond simply letting you know when your email was read.

Yesware will also display:

  1. Where your message was read;
  2. The device your message was read on;
  3. When a link within your email is clicked.

In your inbox sidebar, you’ll have access to two different kinds of reports.

First, under the ‘Message’ tab, you’ll see a breakdown of every activity an individual email received:

Then, under the “All Events” tab, you’ll see all existing data from email interactions based on when they occur:

3. You can press send with a brand new button

When you want to send a tracked email with Yesware, all you have to do is press Send With Yesware.

Your new favorite button lives right in the Outlook ribbon of your inbox:

This means that each time you send a tracked email, you should send with intent without ever leaving your inbox.

What’s Next?

By signing up for a free trial of Yesware, you’ll gain access to email tracking so that you can start sending smarter emails.

Get sales tips and strategies delivered straight to your inbox.

Yesware will help you generate more sales right from your inbox. Try our Outlook add-on or Gmail Chrome extension for free, forever!

Hit your number every month

Get Yesware for free

Works on Outlook or Gmail (+ many more integrations)

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