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Salesforce is a behemoth. Yesware helps us to take all of the communication that we’re sending out by email, get it into Salesforce, and help us to do the right amount of follow-up. It’s a lot more than just a simple email tracking tool.

Mike Bender, VP of Sales


Fiksu is a mobile app platform that sells to mobile app developers, ad agencies, and brands. The company focuses on mobile app downloads, driving precisely targeted campaigns throughout the consumer journey.


Reps craved more time in the day and insight about prospect activity

The average sales rep spends one third of their time actually selling. Fiksu wasn’t ready to settle into this statistic. They wanted their reps’ focus to shift from Salesforce data entry to finding and reaching the right people.

“Spending my time with clients who are disengaged brings on a huge opportunity cost,” says Eric Liiv, Advertising Sales Manager. “The more time that I can spend with clients that are engaged and in that buying window, the more bookings and revenue that I'll ultimately have.”

Fiksu’s reps craved insight into their prospect’s behavior and management sought for a pipeline visibility and a clear view into each rep’s activity.


Yesware installs quickly and arms sales team with tools and transparency

Fiksu recognized this need early on and chose Yesware from the start. Because Fiksu is a rapidly growing company, it has been important to find a tool that was easy to onboard.

“From install to up-and-running, it takes under 15 minutes from the user end to install the Gmail extension, check a couple settings, and then you’re flowing directly into Salesforce,” says Kathryn Farrell, CRM Project Manager. “Yesware saves a couple hours a day for sales reps and a couple hours a week for me on the reporting side of things.”

The Fiksu sales team immediately realized that Yesware also brought transparency into prospect activity and rep performance and tools to help reps scale their outreach. Since they first started with Yesware, their user base has increased by 237%.

"Yesware’s Salesforce integration helps us to get every single activity, every single calendar invite and meeting logged into Yesware in real-time, automatically," says Mike Bender, VP of Sales.

Here are Fiksu’s other favorite Yesware features:

  • Email Tracking
  • Salesforce Sidebar in Gmail
  • Templates
  • Mail Merge
  • Weekly Team Report Email


Managers and reps close more deals with insight from Yesware

Yesware requires no extra work for reps, and it makes their day-to-day selling activities easier and more impactful. Reps can send personalized emails to hundreds of people at once, and automate follow-up stages and replies so that they run on their own.

Aside from time-savings, Yesware brings invaluable insight to reps and managers. Sales reps see their prospect’s email activity as it happens. Sales leaders at Fiksu receive holistic reporting that drills into each contributor’s outbound activity and opportunities versus the rest of the team.

Eric Liiv shares a recent story about the value of Yesware’s presentation tracking:

“Last week, I sent out an email to a client as a follow up. It included a presentation on one of our new products. I got the notification that the client opened the email, and then I got a notification that he had looked at the presentation, which was awesome. He’s in New York, and it said he opened it in New York. Almost immediately after that, I got notifications that the attachment was being opened in Atlanta, and by multiple people. The company’s headquarters is in Atlanta, so I knew my contact had forwarded it to his leadership team. There's no way I would have gotten that information if it wasn't for Yesware.”

Fiksu attributes Yesware’s ease of use, efficiency, and customer service as the reasons why the the team chose and continues to choose Yesware.

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