18 Proven Email Templates That Will Save You Tons of Time

Create and send an effective sales email in under 60 seconds using our customizable email templates

Speed matters. With over 100 billion emails sent every day, you can’t waste time writing and rewriting mission-critical messages to your prospects and customers.

Next time you find yourself searching for the words that will grab their attention and guarantee a reply, try one of these 18 data-backed email templates. Any of the templates below can be easily copy-pasted into your email.

Cold Email Templates

Getting a hot prospect’s attention with a cold email can be tough. Each of the email templates provided here will help pique your prospect’s interest and make enough of an impression to get to “The Ask,” taken directly from Yesware CEO Matthew Bellow’s own template library. Learn more about the art of cold emails.

Keeping-in-Touch Email Templates

Developing a strong relationship with your prospect is important when it comes to closing a big deal or getting key referrals. Even if it isn’t currently the right time for a company to buy, keeping in touch and sharing valuable information could lead to a sale down the road.

Our example email templates offer five ideas you can use to keep in touch with busy people and earn their trust, inspired by Yesware CEO Matthew Bellow’s own outreach methods. Learn more about his approach to keeping in touch emails.

Break-Up Email Templates

Take a step back from your relationship and answer this question honestly: Do you see this going anywhere? If your prospect told you he would discuss your product internally the last time you spoke, but he hasn’t replied to any of your follow-up emails in weeks, it may be time to break-up.

Rejection stings, but your reputation for being a source of valuable information may just push your prospects to reply and let you know what’s really going on. And if they don’t, well, there are plenty of other fish in the sea of sales, and it’s time you started chasing after them.

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